Your business is often your most valuable asset, so it’s vital that you achieve the best possible result when the time comes for transition of ownership through sale or succession.  A successful exit typically doesn’t happen by accident, rather as a direct result of careful, thorough planning and preparation.

To help you achieve that best possible exit result, Acquisiti provides a range of services to create and realise the value in privately-held businesses, including:

Benchmarking and Valuation

Viewing your business through the lens of a potential acquirer or successor is a key driver of value creation and realisation.  Once you understand what an external buyer would see in terms of risk profile, market value and sustainability, structuring the business and driving performance to achieve the maximum outcome is laid out in a clear path.

Acquisiti takes business owners through a process akin to that undertaken by acquirers when they conduct due diligence, with the result being an in-depth assessment of how the business would stand up to such a rigorous process, estimations of current market and enterprise value, and insights into risk mitigation and value creation strategies.


Achieving an ideal exit result is not limited to ensuring a business will stand up to due diligence, however.  An individual business is one asset in a vast global market, all competing for the investor dollar, so it needs to stand out and be as appealing possible.

Acquisiti’s SaleWorthy process takes a business through a process of identifying and profiling the most appropriate buyer/successor, their key drivers, expectations and motivations, and establishing a strategic framework against which the business is structured and “packaged”.  A properly-oriented business stands a far greater chance of achieving the desired exit result if would-be buyers would consider it a “no-brainer” as an investment.

Business Sales

Selling a privately-held business is complex and pitfalls lurk at every turn for the inexperienced.  Acquisiti’s assistance is invaluable for the business owner as a key member of the advisory team, thoroughly preparing the enterprise for sale, developing transaction documentation and facilitating negotiations with prospective acquirers through to deal completion.

We typically work with companies with earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of $500,000-$5 million, which operate in services industries such as recruitment, training, marketing/communications, information technology services, management consulting and health & allied care.

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